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Pickering’s Original Gin 1947 “This edition is made precisely to our original recipe, as it was written down in Mount Mary, Bombay, in 1947. Here the botanical mix includes cinnamon, which adds a decidedly warming and spicy kick to the spirit.” We paid a visit to Summerhall Distillery in January 2017 where we met the team and sampled their amazing range of gins. … Read More PICKERING’S ORIGINAL 1947 GIN



We opened 14th October 2016 with a selection of 40 gins on our bar.   Now, in June 2017 we are only a couple away from having 100 gins for you to choose from. Each with their own individual characteristics, from chewy Polish juniper and Sichuan pepper corns to Gorse flower and juniper foraged from the foothills of the Snowdonia National Park. We feel … Read More Gin