Pig & Barrel isn’t your average name for a gin and craft beer bar, so people tend to ask us where it came from.

In August 2016, we were on our honeymoon in the beautiful city of Edinburgh, and let’s face it, there’s nowhere better to drink gin in the UK. We took a trip to Edinburgh Gin Distillery to distil a bottle of gin each that summed up our flavour preferences. During the distilling process, we were told about the history of gin and one thing stuck with us. Gin Pig.

So, what’s a Gin Pig? In Edwardian times, water simply was not safe to drink. Ladies took to drinking gin instead but obviously had to keep themselves hydrated when on the go. Hollow, glass bags were created in the shape of a pig with a stopper in the snout so they could dispense their daily dose. Classy and useful!

When thinking about our perfect bar, we knew we wanted it to consist of plenty of gin and some carefully selected, locally sourced ales and craft beers. Thinking that ‘Gin Pig’ may put the budding beer connoisseurs off, we racked our brains for weeks thinking of a name that summed up our ideals.

After a lot of though, we came up ‘Pig & Barrel’ – Pig came from ‘Gin Pig’ and we chose Barrel for the beer side of things. We honestly thought we had hit the jackpot with this name and still believe this now.